Blogging 3.1

8 06 2010

I finally have a Blog that can be updated regularly. This is Blogging 3.1 (which I made a while back as a test (hence the .1)). Here you will see weekly updates that show exactly what I’ve been getting on with on a week by week basis. You’ll be able to follow the entire design and production process of my Semester C project as it builds from an idea into a fully fledged digital comic.

This is the first of my weekly Blogs that will happen every Tuesday from now until September (and possibly after) when my semester ends and as such it serves as an introduction to my plan for the next 15 weeks. By the end of these 15 weeks I will have created an interactive multilinear digital comic equivalent to 30 pages of traditional comic for display on portable image devices. The comic will be supported by this Blog which will consist of 15 major updates detailing the theoretical processes and reasoning behind my decisions and production collected from material daily reflections that will be noted in my project workbook. To further support the work there will also be a website that explains my processes including the ways that the comic was created and how each part affected the outcome as a whole. Finally, you can see my Timetable here which shows the breakdown of my time throughout the next 15 weeks.

This timetable shows that I will start with conceptualizing the story and script before moving on to storyboarding and design. Then I will go through the creation of the panels followed by the creation of the player. These main tasks will be accompanied by 1 hour of reflection each day and Blog entries on Tuesdays. Some time will also be set aside for reading and research into the digital comics industry.




One response

17 06 2010

Sounds like a interesting idea for a project! I think that you have put your self on a tight schedule, It will be interesting to see this come to life.

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