Update 4: Review of documentation and other work so far…

9 07 2010


Firstly, apologies for the late update of the blog, my schedule has been a little out this week. In fact this is the first topic I’d like to address in this review of the work so far. Currently we are a 3rd of the way through the final project and things are fairly on track. However my schedule is proving to be slightly restrictive in terms of work structure. I have found, particularly at this stage where I am branching into several different area of the work (artistic and interactive) that my day by day timetable is not allowing for me to work on several different things at once. For example, this week was set aside for finishing my storyboard but on Friday/Saturday I was “in the mood” for drawing and therefore spent a day and a half of my alloted time on character design (an area that was timetabled in at a later stage). Whilst this means that I haven’t done less work it does put my work out of time with the initial plan. In an attempt to allow for a more free way of working I have decided to set myself key deadlines which several tasks must be completed by. This will ensure that I get each task done in time and with the correct number of hours but also that I can work on several different elements of the project at once. My daily tasks of reflection, vis meth and reading will remain as they were (although these prove to also be running a little out of schedule as well).


At this stage I have completed the story board of the comic and worked out it’s linkages and flows of each character driven line. This can be seen through the diagram below. This took a little more time than I had initially planned for but due to the extra time spent on other things it worked out being the appropriate number of hours. On reflection however I feel that it may have been wise to write the dialog and script for the comic whilst creating the final storyboard as it may have saved me time in the overall production and lead to a more complete plan to be rendered digitally at a later date. To address this I will be attempting to complete the full script in a single day of the coming week.

The creation of the storyboard lead me to think about the ways in which each panel will link together in the final form and what methods in interactivity will be included to facilitate these linkages. It has lead me to consider some methods that I plan to test over the coming week as I create digital comic frames and forms of navigating them. (Next week’s update will be based around the theories and practices of the digital frame and interactivity within it.)

Visual Methodology/Character Design:

The Visual Methodology that I began in the middle of this week has been happening in fits and starts. On the day that I started it (Friday) I did an hour drawing based on a theme from the daily sketch section of the computer graphics forum cgtalk.com which whilst good practice did not seem to help me as much a I would have liked. As such I will be doing an hour or two of self lead drawing/visual creating each day instead of relying on their topics each day. This is not to say that I will not use this one hour drawing method in future, only that I will also be using other methods as well to maximise my new learning and experimentation.

On one of the days my drawing  became my entire days work as opposed to the one hour in the morning which was scheduled (as I mentioned earlier). This resulted in a number of drawing practices and experimentations that lead to a (near) final design of one of the characters. This final idea can be seen below:

The colour scheme itself will be that of the Union Jack (Red, White and Blue) and the symbol on his chest was developed around the symbols of the RAF and the SAS. (A Red, White and Blue roundel (RAF) with Yellow wings(SAS)). These design choices were all made to co-inside with the patriotic nature that I wanted to achieve with the character. You will notice that the gloves/gantlets also include the union flag as part of their design to further the patriotic theme of the character. Each element of the character’s design was chosen with specific reason and purpose in mind. The colour scheme is designed to invoke a feeling of a patriotic character, the Jet pack and gantlets were included as part of the characters power set as written into the character idea and story of the comic. These items were things I wanted to keep fairly small and sleek to give a modern feel and so as not to detract from the super-heroic nature of the costume. The belt was included to break the constant blank space between the chest and the boots and give a slightly more military look to the costume. I also experimented with the idea of having an SAS style helmet for the character but found that this did not suit the sleek and super-heroic look of the character(However the final head design may change in later renderings and further redesigns of the character.) The pose and proportions of the character was based around the following pictures of other patriotic super hero characters. (Images from Comicvine.com)

These three images (plus some others from the same source) were used as the initial basis of the character and whilst these super-heroic proportions and design will be used for the final rendering of the character the style may not.

Another important part of the design process of the costume and character was the symbol on his chest. This logo is based around several aspects that include patriotic symbolism and semiotics that not only add to the patriotic, heroic feel of the character but relate to the characters background. This background and the initial designs for the symbol are shown below in a scan of my note book (these are very rough sketches and notes have not been proof read, they are merely to illustrate the process and reasons for the chosen design)

As you can see the character “history” includes the likes of British government organisations such as the RAF and the SAS and this is why I used them as reference for the final symbol and colour scheme.

Union Jack

The RAF Roundel

SAS Badge

RAF type C1 Roundel

As you can see, these emblems and symbols all went into the final design of the symbol which is as follows.

Crown Logo Final Design


This weeks symposium was all based around the idea of Documentation of work and whilst I feel that my documentation process is fairly thorough and ticks most of the boxes (particularly after our discussion) I did learn a few interesting things and pick up some interesting ideas. One of these ideas is that documentation comes in two key forms. One that is for use by ones self and one that is for use by outside parties. In this case, I keep all my notes in my notebook which is for myself and at the end of  each week I go through those notes to produces this blog which can be read by other for them to understand my idea.

I grouped a number of methods into each of these categories and some into a middle category that can be used by both.


Both Others
Wall Graphs
Feedback (From blogs, forums, etc)
Website (Readable Re-Writing)
File Naming

It was also mentioned that the use of theory within the documentations of work and that is something that whilst I have used in previous posts I must make sure to include in future ones as well. One other thing that I was not doing that I discovered in the discussion is annotations. Something that I feel my work would benefit from. Especially as I enter stages of art based creations.




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